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Mar 28, 2022
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Download Cover Fire Mod Apk For Android. This is Guide, a special unit dedicated to a very important task. It’s Lead’s job to lead the battle against Tetracorp—a famous company slowly taking over our planet.

He’ll enter through the enemy’s rear and hit the target! Along the way, you’ll meet lots of opponents and battle robots with which you’ll have to tinker. Each of your troops in the App unit has unique features and capabilities. Create a strategy and work with a ready plan, always be careful not to get stuck.

About Cover Fire Mod Apk

Cover Fire, a first-person shooter game with a touch of strategy, lets you control mercenaries TetraCorp, a rogue mega corporation that occupies various parts of the planet, enslaves its people, and takes away all the precious valuables. Fortunately, a small group of our heroes is ready to stop evil, which is possible only when you place your finger on the screen.

In the game, we take on the roles of three characters and instead use each person’s unique weapons and abilities to solve different cases. In it, you will not only control the characters, but you will also have to recruit soldiers to form a team with different specific missions.

It is a great shooter that offers not only great graphics but also a variety of weapons and missions. The final shot of each mission gives you a super slow perspective that is reminiscent of popular snipers.

Cover Fire Mod Apk Features

Internet and offline shooting on a cell phone

12 new chapters in an exciting story mode. Fight military missions, hide 3D applications, drive vehicles or shoot heavy weapons from helicopters.

New shooting games and the best shooting 3D shooting games

Unlock unique military weapons and shoot great weapons. Customize and upgrade your best weapon skills to maximize arsenal damage on the battlefield. Kill with legendary weapons, powerful snipers, and modern shotguns. Remember your responsibility: your best ally in grenade warfare!

Easy operation. Less mobile requirements

The controls are customizable, so it doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced killer or a newborn in this free shooting game.

Internet sniper tournament

Compete against other players or friends from all over the world and compete for your best time on the online leaderboards. Call to action and win the battle! It is your responsibility to be the best shooter

New offline virus zombie event

Play Free Zombie Phenomenon! Survive the zombies with guns and save the survivors. The goal is to shoot and kill the group of zombies!

Updated Shooter Duty: Infiltrate terrorist bases and kill all enemies. Shoot for the best sniper 3D shooting game and shoot for survival! Experience the best battlefield shooting games. Call your best Marksman and go to war.

Call your friends and download the best offline shooting games to your phone for free! This is a fun and free game!

Choose your weapons

Collect a huge real arsenal. You’ve never seen so many real shooting games: pistols, shotguns, rifles, snipers … feel like real frontline commands!

See the battlefield from different perspectives. Switch between your tenants in real-time and find the ultimate combination to win the battle in the ultimate killing game.

Build your team

Combine your deadly squads with their unique abilities: Hacker, Sniper, Attack … Unlock new episodes of snipers and shooters like Bajuka-Man or Gunslinger! Have you ever seen dinosaurs on the battlefield?


Take control of the fight and become the best shooter in addictive 3D sniper shooting.

War for the world

In Cover Fire, your task is to be a shooter who will lead a group of monsters in cities, deserts, and farms conquered by guerrillas, using the best graphics and arsenal to defeat all sorts of enemies in battle. The best offline gaming on a mobile phone.

The ultimate shooting experience. Cover, aim, shoot and remove this danger. Don’t let terrorists take over the world in the best military shooting of all time!

Unlimited shooting! Welcome to the resistance. Welcome to the Cover fire.

Cover fire is a free game but includes optional in-app purchases for real money. You want to keep it away from your children and toddlers.

Style of play

Cover Fire forces us to sink into the story. We have to use a huge arsenal to accomplish various difficult missions. The HD graphics of the game in particular give you a perfect and immersive experience.

Amazing action scenes with smoke everywhere give players an experience that matches any other games. The attack mode is also very realistic, as different weapons are divided into specific features for each type.

In particular, according to the game publisher, the cover fire has a 3D touch function. This is an essential feature of shooting games. With easy operation, the recording phase is still fast but with high accuracy.

A combination of sarcasm and military tactics

The game is free to use, requires no internet to play, has optional in-app purchases, and is not allowed to allow your young children to play the game because it is too violent. Cover Fire Shooting Game Play Sniper FPS gives you the ability to play games in online tournament mode,

play multiplayer games with others, or play offline with campaign missions. Due to the HD graphics of the app, you can buy new weapons like pistols, sniper rifles, army rifles, and shotguns that look almost real.

Completing each mission will give you rewards such as characters, ammo, and player benefits. If you really like the game, you can pay real money to get upgrades, weapons, and other items.

Fight humans and then zombies

Cover Fire Shooting Game Sniper FPS is a fun and entertaining game for those who like to kill and kill zombies/humans. You can play against others online, but you have to play this part of the game via WiFi because it consumes a lot of data.

Campaign missions include a variety of locations where you can fly helicopters and pilot drones to find your enemies. If you download this app, you will receive unlimited free updates and the game will give you a tutorial on how to play the game.

The story

In the game, Android gamers will explore the dark future world where Terracorp has enslaved all of humanity and left us all under its wings. Hunger, disease, and war are constantly raging around the world because people never find peace.

Although there are those who have resisted with their strong influence on the military and ruthless mercenaries, no effort to expel them is strong enough.

As a clever soldier of resistance, Android gamers will face the epic and intense shooting in Cover Fire: Shooting Games as you lead your infamous soldiers to defeat the evil allies who rule the world.

Humanity will no longer be able to escape the oppressive system and many of them are looking for ways to unravel the long-hidden grievances. And they will need that guiding light for you. Be a beacon illuminating their path and show them the path they must follow to take away their freedom.

Your needs and work

In the game, each player will have different goals: some want to save their allies, some want to defeat the zombies and others want to get beyond the levels. Each task is different, but it is never too late. The actions of each player depend on how he or she plays the game.

Sometimes a single zombie can destroy a player’s entire plan, but players should always look at the consequences of their actions. There are many situations that occur in the game such as when players move forward to kill zombies instead of helping them (which drives these zombies toward our allies), or when players fail to aim correctly and shoot away comrades (or we do something else that I don’t know about). Although it may not be easy at first glance, we should always keep in mind that everyone has his own capabilities and everyone must learn from his mistakes before he can act with confidence…

Defeat enemies with your shooting skills

In Cover Fire, players will find completely different missions with different requirements to complete, each in a seemingly independent area. These missions appear everywhere, initiate the killing process, and move on to other tasks in the game.


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